Pristina Crystal Water Concentrate

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Description the ecofriendly Pristina Crystal Water Concentrate for a significant cost savings over conventional bottled water. Numerous expert studies confirm that the healthiest and best hydrating water is RAINWATER, which is ultra-pure, pH neutral, and crystal structured. Applying the principles of biomimicry, the Pristina Concentrate restores the vital energies of highly purified water back to its natural pH balance and produces the six-sided water crystal geometries. The contents of the concentrate is ultra-pure H2O - no chemicals or minerals have been added. It's has simply been energetically revitalized, similar to the way a battery is recharged. 

For those of us who prefer the ecofriendly use of refillable bottles, the crystal water concentrate offers a cost-effective way for producing the healthiest water on the planet: crystal-structured water that is ultra-pure and pH neutral!  Because of its improved hydration capacities, crystal-structured water:

  • Enhances nutrient, mineral, and oxygen absorption to the cells,

  • Promotes cellular nourishment and detoxification,

  • Advances the balanced pH of bodily fluids, and

  • Helps to neutralize harmful free radicals.

The instructions are actually quite simple. Start with highly purified water. The purest water is distilled, then deionized, and then reverse osmosis. The purer the water, the better it will crystallize. Mix 1 ounce of the concentrate per gallon of purified water (or 4 ounces per 5 gallons), and allow 15 minutes for the concentrate to fully energize. That’s it! The end result is an enlivened water with the exact same properties as rainwater, which is: ultra-pure, pH neutral, and crystal structured! 

Discover the soft-smooth texture and ultra-clean taste, and then experi­ence the superior hydration benefits of crystal pure water.

One 8 oz Bottle Case will thus Produce up to 10 Gallons, which is enough to fill 76 Half Liter Bottles of the Healthiest Water on the Planet - and Simultaneously Become a Solution to Water Bottle Pollution!