Single-Use Bottles are No Longer Needed! Begin drinking the healthiest water on the planet, while simultaneously becoming “a solution to water bottle pollution!”

Water is the single most essential ingredient for life. On average, our bodies are comprised of 72% water. So the quality of water that we drink can make a huge difference in our overall health and vitality!

Comprehensive expert studies confirm that the healthiest and best hydrating of all drinking waters is RAINWATER. When nature recycles water in a clean environment, it is always:  ultra-pure, pH neutral, and crystal structured.

When water is processed, this deadens the energetic vitality of water, causing it to become more and more acidic – which is highly corrosive and harmful to the cells. At the other extreme, waters that are highly alkaline can also place a great deal of stress on the body because they contain extremely hard minerals. 

By applying the principles of “biomimicry”, Pristina offers the means for creating drinking water with the exact same qualities as rainwater. Discover the difference of drinking crystal pure water that is alive with healing vital energies.

Simply add our crystal water concentrate to highly purified water, and it naturally restores the vital energies of the water to be used in your refillable bottles. This allows us to become a part of the solution in helping to bring an end to water bottle pollution!